Hi there! It has been some days since the last post – and since the last update in any project – but I can explain!

I have moved from my old “house” to a new and improved home. I put that on quotes because the place I were living only had a single tiny room – imagine a living room merged with a dining room, plus an office and a bedroom, all in 18m² – plus a 2m² kitchen and a small bathroom. It was really, really small for me and my wife! My new home is so big near the old one that I can even run from the kitchen to the bedroom! Really, now we have a living room (!), and an office (!), and a bedroom (!) in separated rooms!

In addition to the house-changing, I also changed my Ph.D. project! I’ve been working with kernel methods and Gaussian processes, but that was so distant from what I want for my life that I were depressed because my work. So I talked with my advisor and we changed all these to Behavior Trees (!) which I will use for games and robotics.

I need a few more days to adjust myself to the daily routine.

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