Back from USA!

So, I’m back from USA, where I visited Disney Orlando and Las Vegas.

Orlando is a great and beautiful city, with a lot of lakes and parks. The traffic flows so well, the food is so good (I’m in love for the Irish pub at downtown Disney), Disney is perfect. I’ve spent 7 days in Orlando and I really loved the city.

After that, we went to Vegas, which is kind of disappointing, especially after the greatness of Orlando. The casinos are so decadents, only good if you are looking for sex, cigars, drinks and losing money. On the other hand, Grand Canyon and Flagstaff (a small city near of Grand Canyon) are so cool. The Canyon is awesome, despite the temperature of -6°C and Flagstaff is so cute with all that nice people.

Both Orlando and Vegas have nice RPG stores. The Sci-Fi City in Orlando and the Little Shop of Magic in Vegas, both have great sections of board games. I think I spent more than 200 bucks on them. I bought some nice games, expansions, and dices (a lot of dices). I really recommend both stores.

Finally, we went home at Friday, the black Friday. Man, that is crazy, 32″ televisions for 89$, 60″ televisions for 490$, several kitchen appliance for 5$-10$. How could a man leave USA at black Friday without spend all its money on it? So, I bought a PS4 (for 349$, four times less than in Brazil), Shadow of Mordor (for 25$) and a lot of other little things. Man, Shadow of Mordor… What a game!

I’m back now and I hope to keep posting things here every week.

Note: this weekend will happen the last ludum dare of the year!

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