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Work For It

For a long time I’ve been reading several discussions, tutorials and posts trying to answer the question “how do I start to develop games?”. In general, the answer is “study hard, develop something, study harder, develop more, …”.

I believe this is true a even more, I think the process “study, develop” has no end. Regardless of your level of expertise, there are always more things to learn, more ideas to develop, more problems to come, more solutions to think.

Currently, I’m a researcher in artificial intelligence field and I can say I’m proficient in the programing languages that I work and the fundamental concepts of computing theory. In my free time, I’m aspiring to be game developer.

I have some knowledge about several aspects of the game development and I also have some projects in my curriculum. My goal now is to transform a hobbie into a profession and I want to register this transmutation process in this blog.

I chose to start the “serious” development with simple HTML5 games. I want to work in all aspects of a game, including the design of rules and gameplay, programming, graphics, musics and sound effects, etc. I hope to improve my abilities over time, making games more and more interesting and complex.

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