Ludum Dare

The final round for choosing the theme of Ludum Dare 29 has finished and the result is: “Beneath the Surface“. Interestingly, it was the only theme with accumulated positive votes (take a look:

I don’t yet what I will do, but I want to keep the game simple with just few commands (probably using only the mouse). I also think that, mostly people will go for the obvious representation of the title, which is doing something below the ground, with miners, plants or something in this line. Thus, I will think about other types of possible surfaces (e.g., the surface of an orange or the geometrical surface).

I will use this night to think in something.

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Ludum Dare is an online “competition” that happens every 4 months and you can participate by yourself or with a team. The solo competition is the most traditional event where you:

  • Have 48 hours to create your game;
  • Must work alone;
  • Create your game based on the theme;
  • Make available the source code;
  • Can use any content and development tools (such as Photoshop and Flash);
  • Can use personal code (if declared and shared prior to the competition);

There is a list of possible themes that are voted by community, at this moment, we have in the final round themes such as: “Control More Than One”, “It’s NOT suppose to do THAT!”, “You Are Your Own Enemy”, among others.

Ludum Dare 29 will happen this weekend. Next week, after the 48 hours, community will judge the games. All participants that SUBMITTED a game can do that, giving star ratings (1-5) in 9 categories: Innovation, Fun, Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Mood, Overall and Community.

My first and last Ludum Dare was the #24, where I create Hungry Flies, based on the “Evolution” theme.

I hope to make a good game this weekend.

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