Inkscape LogoI love inkscape! It is a great tool to create and edit vector graphics. It is free, has a lot of features, has an intuitive interface and usability. It works in Windows, Linux or Mac. It can produce high-quality bitmaps. Do I have to say more?

Inkscape is one of that kind of programs that you must have to install in your computer, even if you don’t have plans to use it in a near future. This is my favorite tool to create graphics for my games or other visual applications, and in this post I will give you a little introduction of how you can do that too.

Before anything, download and install the last version of inkscape here.

Start with simple things, rounded ones. Create some circles, reshape them, apply some colors, try to do something without any help. Inkscape is a very intuitive tool, you will probably discover the important features by yourself.

There are several tutorials around the internet and you can follow them. My favorites are in the blog 2D Game Art for Programmer. Chris Hildenbrand, the author, presents basic and advanced tips to create characters, objects, backgrounds, among other elements for 2D games.

Recommended tutorials:

When you feel comfortable with inkscape features, try creating things by yourself. My suggestion is using references such as images and drawings, cartoons are a very good choice. Just remember you are creating a new art, do not copy anything, just use the references as references!

My final tip to you. I have no skills to choose colors and to painting my drawings. Most of you probably feel the same. To overcome this problem, what I do now is searching for color palettes or creating ones from images.

Sites with color palettes:

Sites to create your own color palettes:

Note: I will start to publish some tutorials here, stay sharp!

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