Love Craft


Love Craft is my entry for Ludum Dare 30 (which means that this game was built in less than 48 hours):

  • IDEA: Everybody wants a person to share a life, to found a family, to fall in love, to marry, etc; and when this happen, one person connects its own world to the other. Love Craft aims to connect worlds metaphorically: chibis walking in the park looking for their unknown loves while you protect them from obstacles (such as bad matching and meddler chibis).
  • MECHANICS: Attention & Velocity, mouse-only and only by dragging things.
  • WHY WAS HARD: I’ve developed a behavior tree library from scratch (probably a mistake, but I didn’t liked the implementation around the interwebzz) and implement a lot of behavior for these chibis: there are 21 actions, 15 conditions, and 2 decorators; some of them to handle multi-agent communication. Moreover, debugging this without any visual tool is like hugging the devil itself. I’ve lost approximately 14 hours only on this. So, despite of apparently simple, the development was really heavy.
  • WHAT IS MISSING: Sound at all; dynamic environment; more chibi styles; more levels; and more mechanics to avoiding repetitiveness.
  • HOW TO PLAY: You only have to let the couples talking; click & drag meddler chibis, the rain and the bird in order to avoid interruption of conversations.

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