Because of the recent trips of my wife to USA, where everything is cheaper than Brazil, I’ve decided to buy a Wacom tablet in order to use it in the development of my games in the future. I’m not a pretty good artist, but I have some notions of drawing, thus a drawing tablet would be a good investment.

I’ve bought the Wacom Intuous Pen & Touch, the small version, for $75,00 at amazon. I chose this model because it was the best cost-benefit among all wacom tablets. There is an Intuos Pen (without touch) for $20 less but I felt that touch would improve the usability of the tablet.

So, this weekend I tested the tablet and the result was pretty strange :/. The tablet is very small (not really an issue, but a larger one would be better) and drawing in the tablet is very different to the old pen and paper. Firstly, you have to know how to use some edition software, such as GIMP or Photoshop, and how to choose the correct brushes for the drawings, which is pretty confusing at first. The sensibility and precision are also obstacles, e.g, it is very hard to draw a continuous line within the tablet without shaking it. Another thing, the touch is not that useful, the commands are slow and lagged, everything you do with the touch you can do faster with the pen, keyboard and mouse. However, all these problems seems to reduce to zero with practice. So, I have a long and hard path to trail in order to mastering the drawing tablet.

I’ll end this post with some interesting videos and tutorials I saw this weekend:

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